Monday, January 18, 2010

Latest happenings...

Well...where to start? Last Wednesday, January 13th, we took the boys to get their haircuts before going to visit their new cousin, Dean Jacob, born that very day. This was Tyler's first haircut; so, of course, we took copious amounts of pictures! My husband has gone to Andy, our local barber, since before he and I met. He's cut Evan's hair. And, now he got to cut Tyler's hair, too. Andy has a really good system when it comes to cutting the boys' hair...bribery. He gives them lollipops (and lots of them). As you see from this picture, Tyler could care less that there is a shaver coming his way. The only concern he has is whether any hair gets on the lollipop (it did...we did several lollipop swap-outs). After Tyler finished his lollipops, Andy offered a chocolate-covered pretzel to Tyler to finish off the sugar high!

Last Thursday was craft night with my good friend Melanie. See my "Craft Nights" blog for pictures of our latest Valentine's Day card creations!

Friday, we attended a birthday party for our neighbor's one-year-old son at Murrysville Community Church. It was a great time. Evan quickly took interest in the drum set at the front of the sanctuary and started playing. I came over to see what he was doing (John was already standing there). John said that Evan pointed to one of the drums and told him "This is the bass drum." He learns a lot from one of his favorite shows on the Sprout channel called "Caillou". One of the episodes of "Caillou" specifically deals with Caillou playing on his friend's brother's drum set. So, it didn't surprise us that Evan knew what he was talking about when he saw that drum set.

On Saturday, we planned on doing some family shopping. But, Evan fell asleep in the car. Since the weather was nice (and John didn't mind), I took Tyler inside Kohl's with me to do a little bit of shopping with my Kohl's gift card. I bought some much-needed tennis shoes (Avia Women's cross-training). Apparently, they're the brand used by the U.S. Triathlon. I don't plan on doing a triathlon anytime soon (or a marathon for that matter!), but the shoes sure are comfy. They're rather streamlined looking, too...if that makes any sense. I guess what I'm trying to say is that they're not your big, clunky tennis shoes like you usually see out in the market. That's why I like them, besides the comfort factor. I also bought "Plum Passion" liquid lipcolor by American Beauty. Love the color on me. Finally I'm getting lip color right! I can't stand it when I buy a lip color that doesn't look right (a.k.a. "trampy red"). I think I've found a winner!

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