Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lots of changes...

Lots of changes are happening in my life right now. Sometimes it's hard to keep up. But, I keep on keepin' on! :)

The changes include a new "addition" to our family. No...not a baby!

A mini-van!

Why so exciting?

Well, we have been living a one-car life ever since John and I have been dating and his GMC Jimmy gave up the ghost. For those of you keeping count, that's almost 7 years sharing a car. Don't forget this also counts the addition of two baby boys! Needless to say, we've been running out of room in our tiny 2-door Cavalier with two car seats in the back. And, don't let me begin to tell you how much fun it is to bend and contort our bodies to get the boys in their seats!

Another change: John will soon be fully employed.

This brings about another problem...childcare. Daycare is pretty cost prohibitive for 2 kids. I mean...John might as well not work if we send them to daycare. What's wrong with this country's system? Anyway...

So, we're looking for a babysitter.

Another change: I'm a business owner (while still working my "day job"). I'm trying to get "The Papercrafter's Nook" off the ground while still working full-time and being a wife and Mom to two boys - ages 3 & 16 months. Overachiever much?! LOL...Honestly, this craft business stuff is my creative outlet. It keeps me sane in an insane world, so to speak. Anytime I'm crafting I'm in my "peaceful place", if that makes any sense at all.

Another change: I'm going to learn how to quilt. This is just on my "To-do" list. I want to make a t-shirt quilt for my hubby from his gazillions of running t-shirts. We already cut up the ones he wants for the quilt. And, I even bought the interfacing (whatever THAT is...) at JoAnn's. Now, I just need to find some good instructions online and go to it! I'm a little nervous to break open the sewing machine. It's been a LONG time since I've sewn anything on a sewing machine. But, I know that once I get going on this project you won't be able to keep me from a sewing machine. LOL ;)

Ok...that's enough of my changes list for now...I'm sure there's more to come...I'll keep yinz posted, en at!

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