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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"The Future of Babylon" Project

Every once in a while I get in my "end of days" kick and start reading books on the subject. For a while I read the Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. I even watched the movie version with Kirk Cameron.

Now I'm reading a very enlightening book by Dr. David Jeremiah called "The Coming Economic Armageddon: What Bible Prophecy Warns about the New Global Economy".

This book is very current. It includes some insights that until now I was unaware of.

Did you know that the Obama Administration contributed $700,000 in 2009 to the rebuilding and restoration of ancient Babylon (located about 50 miles from Baghdad, Iraq)? Yeah...I didn't know either. Check out this link to the World Monument Fund for "The Future of Babylon" project:

The U.S. Ambassador's Fund contributed an additional $2 million to complete the restoration. Here are a couple of more links to keep you busy: and

This project seems innocent enough from the articles. But, when you take it into its Biblical context it becomes more foreboding than ever. Saddam Hussein actually started building on top of the ancient Babylon ruins back in the 80s. And, our taxpayer dollars are helping to finish it?!

And, when have we EVER agreed with the U.N. on anything...until NOW...until Babylon. Check out this from a New York Times article:

"Ancient Babylon, celebrated as a fount of law, writing and urban living, sits just outside the modern-day city of Hilla, about 60 miles south of Baghdad. Hilla is neither haunted by Sunni insurgents nor overwhelmed by Shiite militias. And though it has a mix of Shiites and Sunnis, it has not been afflicted by the sectarian violence that has paralyzed so many other heterogeneous parts of Iraq.
Factories are churning, Iraqi security forces are patrolling and the streets pulsate with life — children bounding to school, crowds wading into markets, taxis gliding by.
Emad Lafta al-Bayati, Hilla's mayor, has big plans for Babylon. "I want restaurants, gift shops, long parking lots," he said.
God willing, he added, maybe even a Holiday Inn.
 The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is pumping millions of dollars into protecting and restoring Babylon and a handful of other ancient ruins in Iraq. Unesco has even printed up a snazzy brochure, with Babylon listed as the premier destination, to hand out to wealthy donors."

Up until now, Bible scholars thought that the judgment on Babylon was symbolism for a different city or empire. However, the Bible has been clear that Babylon would be rebuilt.

Let me urge you to dust off your Bible (or go buy a hard copy, Kindle or NookColor version if you must!). Check out the subject guide in your Bible for "Babylon" to see references to this ancient city. Read Revelation 18. Rinse & Repeat...

People need to wake up now. Cashless society. Babylon being rebuilt. The mark of the beast in your hand or on the forehead. Check out this wonderful other tidbit I gleaned from "The Coming Economic Armageddon: What Bible Prophecy Warns about the New Global Economy":

You read that right. Microchip implantation is already here just waiting for someone to come along to make it compulsory. Mark of the beast anyone?! Right hand or forehead. Your choice...

I'm not writing all this to scare you but to make you think. I don't profess to know it all. I just know what I have read and the signs that have been given.

The prophecies in the Bible are R-E-A-L. Jesus Christ is real. He is our Savior. Just the end... WE WIN!

But, you DO have the freedom to choose. Whose side are you on? I'm not asking you to answer me, but answer in your hearts.

God Bless!

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