Sunday, January 3, 2010


So, I did do a little light grocery shopping at Giant Eagle tonight. Evan went with me (to give Daddy a I went to the 12 items or less cashier's line. As the cashier picked up the cantaloupe, shook it up and down in her hand a couple of times as if contemplating the weight and asked "Grapefruit?" First, I eyed her up just to be sure she wasn't joking. Then, trying to mask my disbelief that she did not know what it was, I said "cantaloupe". She kind of shook her head as if she already knew that but her eyes gave her away that she still wasn't sure! Seriously?! How can you work in a grocery store and not know what a cantaloupe looks like? Wow.


  1. I hear ya, that happens to me a lot. Way more than it should. It's not like I buy a ton of exotic fruits and vegetables. Pretty bad when my 4 year old knows more than the cashiers. Sometimes they even ask "what do you do with it?"

  2. Unbelievable, Kristina. I told one of my co-workers this "Grapefruit" story today. He said I should have replied "That depends. Which one costs less?" We should save this line for the next unwitting cashier...


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