Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Customize Your Blog

In trying to design my blog to reflect my creativity, I came across some helpful resources. The first of which is http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/ (TCBOTB). That’s where I found my *free* background and banner templates. To customize the banner, I just followed the instructions provided by TCBOTB. Just be careful. Their site is addictive!

I had so much fun perusing their cute templates it almost made me want to try a new one each day! To customize my particular banner I saved the template to my computer as a .jpg file. Then, I opened it in my Paint program (but Photoshop or any other image editing software should work fine). Then, I deleted the original text on the banner and used the text tool to enter my own text using the same color scheme as the banner template. You can set the color palette to the specific color from the banner by using the dropper tool to click on the color on the banner. The primary color on the color palette will change to that color. If you need to fill the color in behind the text, just click on the small paint can and click where you want to fill in the color.

A couple of other great resources for free blog templates are http://www.ipietoon.com/ and http://www.bietemplates.com/.
If you have any questions on how to customize your own banner/blog, please feel free to leave comments on this article. I’ll be happy to help or point you in the right direction. Please feel free to share any resources you know of for better blogging, as well.

Have a great day and happy blogging! Thanks!

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