Monday, April 12, 2010

Done with the France postings for now...

Ok. I'm done with the France postings for now.

Back to current life. :)

I feel like I'm on the verge of something BIG in my life. A creative, business something. So many ideas. So little implementation time. Grr... I WILL figure this out somehow. There ARE others who do it. I know it. Perhaps I'm being too self-reliant. Time to reach out?

Reading "Getting Things Done" by David Allen for productivity inspiration. But, productivity is not the problem really. It's misdirected energy. I'm walking on a straight path, in the wrong direction! Why has it taken me this long to realize it? I've compromised so much. Why? Why do any of us compromise our true dreams?

We've been told over and over again by dream killers..."You can't make money doing that." You start to believe them. "You aren't good enough." You think they're right. "You need to have connections for that." You think you don't know anybody.

Life is teaching me to step up because nobody else will step up for you. Only YOU can step up for yourself! If you don't stick up for yourself, who will? Yes...this is a personal pep talk. Everyone needs a personal pep talk now and then to be brave - to do the important things they've been putting off in their lives.

I can do this.

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