Saturday, September 17, 2011

Calling all work-at-home mothers...

This is a question for all of the mothers with home-based businesses out there...

How do you do it all?

Seriously...I'm trying to come up with a good schedule and need some tips. :)


Friday, September 16, 2011

Just call me "Martha"...

Just like the crisp, autumn air that is currently blowing into Southwestern Pennsylvania, my life is also bringing on swift changes! I am delving into uncharted territory (for me) as I have left the comforts of a full-time administrative position into the unstructured world of the WAHM (work-at-home-Mom). It is altogether scary and exciting all at once. Sometimes it's hard to determine which emotion I am feeling at what time. But, what I can tell you is that I have totally "gone Martha". I am getting my house clean one room at a time. I've been lighting my Pumpkin Spice Yankee candle to enjoy it's fall aroma throughout my house. Yum!

The boys have definitely enjoyed my presence. It's been nice being able to drop off Evan at preschool, too.

Another emotion I've noticed is the feeling of being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed mostly by how much I still need to get done around the house and get organized in my businesses. But, I counteract that feeling by tackling each task one by one. Like the old saying goes..."How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time." (No elephants were harmed in the use of this

John is still trying to find full-time employment with benefits. He has been working as a part-time custodian for over a year at our local school district, but has been recently informed that they will not be hiring full-time custodians for a while (years). So, he's back to the drawing board...

The Lord will sustain us. It's times like these where I am reminded why faith is so important!

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