Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What's on YOUR Bucket List?

So, I recently read online that Bill Clinton has a bucket list. Honestly, my first thought when I read that was "Ew". LOL ;)

Moving on...

I have some things on my own bucket list that I feel like I'm actually working towards accomplishing. I've always wanted to own my own crafts business since I was little. Technically, now I do. I just need to start PRODUCING products for sale. Easier said than done as a full-time employee, Mom and Wife...I know. But, I aim high! ;) Everytime I lament my busy schedule I just remind myself that others have accomplished amazing feats facing much harder circumstances. By most accounts, I live a blessed life.

Owning (and running) my own crafts business is just one of many items on my bucket list.

What's on yours?

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