Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Evan...the gymnast...

I love this picture of Evan!

My mother-in-law took this picture of him next to our backyard wall where he likes to put rocks between the spaces of the wall.

Evan just started a gymnastics class (also thanks to my MIL). I was a little concerned on how he would react to going to this class since he does not go to daycare or anything like that, yet. But, we were pleasantly surprised to find out he loved it. He came home all jazzed up (so to speak) and hepped up on Oreo Creme pie a la Eat'n Park-style (his "suggestion" to Grandma & Papa, of course!).

Both Evan and Puppy received stars or as Evan called it - a Macy's star - for doing a great job. Now, THAT is great advertising/merchandising when a 3-year-old recognizes your brand. And (believe it or not) I don't really go shopping...much. ;)

Evan received his "Macy's" star for his great job at gymnastics and Puppy, for a great job sitting on the sidelines & "watching". LOL Too cute...

Apparently, these are the gymnastic moves he learned: The Bear Claw, The Kangaroo Jump and the Frog Jump. While the Kangaroo and Frog jumps seem self-explanatory to me, can anyone tell me what the "Bear Claw" is?

Believe it or not, I did take gymnastics as a child at Luanne's School of Dance in Burgettstown, PA, but not at 3-years-old. More like 8-years-old, if my memory serves correctly...(and it may not at this point...LOL).

John actually took gymnastics as a boy, as well. He went to the same dance school that Evan is now attending. Crazy, huh?!

Anyway, I'm sure I could dig up some really juicy (see ---> blackmail) dance school pics of me and/or John.

But, I'm sure none of you want to see all those old, tacky 80s sequinned-outfits , now, do you?! ;)

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