Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tyler...sweet boy!

Tyler is my sweet, polite little man.

He says "Thank you" to everything.

You give him a cookie.

"Thank you"

He gives you a toy.

"Thank you"


What can I say...apparently we say "Thank you" a lot in our house! ;)

He's starting to say more words now. He finally says "Mommy". He's been saying "Daddy" for a long time (in my defense they say that it's easier for babies to vocalize the "d" sound than "m"...just saying...hehehe). "Papa" has been a mainstay, as well. We've figured out that "Mama" is actually "Grandma". Too darn cute!

He tried saying "bus" yesterday when I pointed to his bus toy. It came out "buh". He tried saying "bucket" and it came out "buh buh". :)

He actually tried saying Evan today. It came out "Eban". Yay! That's my little man!

He gives kisses by puckering his lips and saying "Mm...muwah". He says "night, night" before we put him to bed for the night. And, the kicker...he actually SLEEPS - what a concept! (unlike his big brother who shall remain nameless to protect the'll call him "Eban"...LOL).

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