Thursday, July 15, 2010

That just ain't right...

The Economist
I went downstairs in my building to get some pop (that's soda to those of you non-Pittsburghers...LOL...) from the "rip-off" shop (nicknamed convenience store in BNY Mellon Center by my co-workers because of its expensive nature...but there in a pinch).

Before I grabbed my pop (and a King Size Peppermint Patty...yes...I have no willpower), I eyed up some of the magazines on the magazine rack.

Check out the picture on this cover of the print edition of The Economist.

All I have to say is "That's just wrong!"

I love France. So, of course, when I saw the Eiffel Tower it piqued my interest. Then, I read the headline. Wow! Seriously? The Economist must be hurting for readers to have to resort to phallic imagery to get its point (pun intended) across...

Don't get me wrong. I enjoy reading The Economist. ( heard that right! I'm weird like that..)

But, this just ain't right...

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