Thursday, June 17, 2010

Feeling the love...

Evan showed me these blocks he built. He said "It's your work building, Mommy!" I had to take a picture. He's just too cute (and smart). Yes, I'm biased. That's my job. I'm a Mom! :)

See the picture below of my "real" work building for comparison. :) Sorry I couldn't find a brighter picture of the BNY Mellon building. But, it is realistic if you think about how overcast it normally is in Pittsburgh! ;)

Tyler was hamming it up for the camera lately, too. Here's a photo that got a lot of great comments from my friends/family on Facebook. I call it Tyler's GQ pose. LOL

 Anyway, I just wanted to say..."You love REALLY love me!"

I believe that's a quote from "The Mask" a la Jim Carrey. I haven't watched that move in ages! But, I digress...

I have a confession to make. I've been lazy...about this blog, at least. I haven't been checking my e-mails for this blog very much lately. Of course, some may say I have plenty of good reasons lately (work, physical therapy, two boys - 3 years & 18 months, work, physical therapy...oh, physical therapy, random dentist appointment, meeting with SCORE rep, work, physical therapy...). Not that I'm complaining. Just explaining...

So, I FINALLY check my blog e-mail address after WAY too long away. And, lo and LOVE REALLY, truly LOVE me! Well, you at least like me! People are actually READING my blog. It made me feel special. *Smiles* :)

Thank you for being extra patient with my days of not posting. Here's the latest scoop:

I'm on a "make myself and/or family rich" kick right now. So, what's a Mom to do?! Save all her pennies in ye 'ole piggy bank. Heck no! Spend money on books that tell me how to save and/or invest my money in ye 'ole piggy bank...Of course! (Don't question my logic, please! ~ Yes, it's an obsession...)

Without further ado. Here's my list of makin' some mula books recently purchased via

1. "Make Your Kid a Millionaire: 11 Easy Ways Anyone Can Secure a Child's Financial Future" by Kevin McKinley - I got this book out of the library a couple of times already. I thought it was time to bite the bullet and get it for my reference library!

2. "Internet Riches: The Simple Money-Making Secrets of Online Millionaires" by Scott Fox - What can I say? Scott Fox is an internet marketing GENIUS! But, more than that, he's down to earth, too. He gets into the nitty gritty details that most self-proclaimed internet marketing "gurus" leave out. He's the real deal, folks.

3. "Financial Peace Jr: Teaching Kids About Money!: "Cool Tools" for Training Tomorrow's Millionaires!" by Dave Ramsey - He's another favorite author of mine. I particularly like his Christian bent on money topics because a.) I'm a Christian and b.) I want to raise my sons to be good financial stewards.

4. "Growing Millionaire Kids" by Marvin Sparks - I've never read his books before. I took a chance buying this one based on good reviews on I'll let you know what I think later on this one.

5. "How I made my First Million on the Internet and How You Can Too!: The Complete Insider's Guide to Making Millions with Your Internet Business" by Ewen Chia - I've gotten this book out of the library so many times that I think I've already paid for it a couple of times due to late return charges! Despite the "cheesy" title, this book has some really great - practical - internet marketing ideas. I love when I can actually implement ideas from business books. And, this is one of those books. Another "must have" for the internet marketers/business library IMHO.

Ok...As for "real" life, I can't say enough about physical therapy! The heat therapy is doing wonders. I have to give a "shout out" to Jason McIntyre at Centers for Rehabilitation Services in Penn Hills, PA for his personalized approach. Quite impressed. My pain is G - O - N - E. I have not had to take my pain meds or muscle relaxants in over 4 days! I still have numbness in my right shoulder. But, I'm confident that I'm healing. Thank you to God for keeping me and my family safe. Thank you to my friends and family for your thoughts, prayers and support!

On another related note, we're just waiting to hear from the local insurance rep about our check to replace the van. We should be getting a call any day now. Then, it's back to minivan shopping! I come!!!

I met with a SCORE representative today during my lunch hour at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh - Downtown & Business Center to go over goals for my Papercrafter's Nook business. We came up with some great action items for me over the next few months, including 1.) Creating a *separate* business checking account for my business 2.) Come with estimates of COGS (costs of goods sold - i.e. expenses for my business, including labor and materials to accurately price my products 3.) Create my own designed card lines 4.) Locate 3 - 5 *well-attended* craft shows to possibly get a booth & set up a weekly summer production schedule 5.) Look up trade shows and/or trade magazines to track trends in the retail handcrafted greeting card industry (if there is such a beast). I felt good coming away from this meeting. I have some momentum now.

Well, that's enough updates for now. Take care all and God Bless!

~ Rachael

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