Sunday, June 20, 2010

Evan & Tyler get Curious...

That's Curious George, to you!

On Friday evening, we went to a sneak preview of the new "Curious George: Let's Get Curious!" exhibit at the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, which opened yesterday, Saturday, June 19th and runs through October 3rd.

Once I found out about this exhibit I knew we had to go because Evan is a HUGE Curious George fan. (Tyler is catching on rather quickly, as the second child usually does...LOL)

But, what I didn't know was how much I would enjoy it, too. I did not realize the history behind Curious George...which makes ME love him, too.
Apparently, the manuscript for Curious George was one of five that the authors (Margret & H.A. Rey) brought with them when they fled Paris, France in 1940 on bicycles H.A. devised from spare parts. They escaped Hitler's invading army by just a few hours.

As you know, I love French culture! Not only did I major in French (in addition to Communication) in college, but I also spent a semester abroad in Amiens, France at the University of Picardy, Jules Verne. So, this tidbit of French history weaved in with one of my son's favorite characters is pretty darn neat to me.

 Tyler standing next to one of the "makeshift" bicycles used to save the Curious George stories.

The Curious George exhibit features an Apartment Building just like the one where Curious lives with the Man in the Yellow Hat. John helps Evan and Tyler open the little locker doors to see what's inside...

Mommy trying to hold Tyler for this photo. He's just too excited to see the rest of the Curious George exhibit to stay still!

 Tyler really liked this "seated" Curious George (as I refer to him). Incidentally, when I asked Tyler to say "bye-bye" to Curious George (the one in the costume) he waved to this "statue" Curious George and said "bye-bye" to him, instead. LOL Too cute!

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