Monday, March 15, 2010

France: January 19, 2002

Well, last night I did go to that "International Students" party. I brought some cider that had a little amount of alcohol in it. But, I actually ended up drinking everything but that! :-) I got buzzed but not drunk (which is good because I hate getting drunk...or more specifically...sick). There were soooo many people there. It was absolutely awesome! I was surprised at the amount of men there. It's very different I think from parties in the U.S. I met a guy named Matthias! I told him that was ironic because my nephew's name is the same. I told him the story of where Matthias got his name, too. He was very familiar with the Scorpions. He said they're from a town near where he lives (Frankfurt, Germany). I'm so impressed with my French skills last night, especially considering I was drinking, too. Matthias and I talked a good while about diverse subjects as politics (I've been finding out that almost all other nations hate George Bush because he's too rigid and pro-America and love Bill Clinton for reasons understandable), pop music (Matthias likes rock/alternative mainly...doesn't like Christina Aguilera...second cousin...). I also met a girl named Beatrice (I forget where she's from though...I'm guessing China) and a French student named Carine...very, very nice girls. It was really exciting for me to speak French with Carine especially since she's French. She understood me most of the time. I still have problems understanding my apartment mate, Eva, but she's not French, she's Hungarian (not German as I originally thought). Eva tends to speak too low...almost in a mumble sometimes. Anyway, I got Beatrice's and Carine's contact info. And, they have mine. I will definitely have to call them sometime...they're both really cool. :-) Tara is gone for that skiing trip now. I hope she has fun and that she wasn't drunk when she left because she was at the party last night and her cheeks were turning bright red (a pretty good indicator she's had too much). After a while, we were urged to go dancing at a bar called the was awesome seeing (watching) all the Frenchmen dance. They really know how to get down. They need to teach American men a thing or two! A couple of guys were up on the platforms and took their shirts off!! And, they were whistling and dancing (very provocatively) to the music. But, one thing I didn't like was how packed or crowded it was. You could barely move, let alone dance! But, it was a good time. I mainly danced near Carine and Beatrice. However, I did dance with one guy...I think he was Arabian...but not too bad looking. But, he was trying to tell me something in French I couldn't understand. But, I think I got the gist of it...that he wanted to kiss me. He lost interest rather quickly when he figured out he wasn't going to "score" with me. Beatrice told me she would've slapped him. If he wouldn't have let up, I probably would have too. Monna and Lizzie were at the party but if they came to Tasca I didn't see them there. I took a shower as soon as I got home last buzz quickly faded when I was that's good. Beatrice and Carine were concerned about me walking home alone but I reassured them I'd be fine. We did the French goodbye kiss on the cheeks...I love's so much more personal than just saying "hi" and "bye" when you see your friends in the U.S.

Today I woke up around usual. After getting dressed and having breakfast I went to pick up my photos of Paris. It was kinda expensive...23,57 Euros for 54 pics plus doubles. I don't know if that's reasonable or not. Anyway, after looking at some sidewalk sales today, I went to see if I could take money out of my National City account. I typed in 40 Euros and it said I had insufficient funds in my account for the transaction. I'm not very happy with myself about that. I did exactly what DeeAnn warned me not to do when I first get here. I ate out at restaurants. It adds up quickly. Anyway, I'm going to see if I can go online at to see if I can transfer a little from savings to checking that way or if I can do it via phone. If not, I'll have to pretty much resort to begging Mommy to pay some of  my $200 back by putting some in my checking. Plus, I have to pay credit card bills soon I'm sure. Oh, and I pretty much have to go to Paris at a later date so that I can apply for an extension on my taxes this year. Plus, Monna said you can register with the U.S. Embassy so they can keep track of you "just in case" something happens to me while I'm over here. Today I searched for that Protestant Church; it's rather close by. Actually, it's a Protestant Reformation church...I don't know if there's a difference or not. I pray I will have the courage to go to church here soon (like maybe tomorrow!). But, admittedly, I'm scared to go alone (yes...I know God is with know what I mean!). Well, goodnight for now. I miss my family & friends so much. :-) I'm going to appreciate being home so much more when I return. I just know it!

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