Tuesday, March 9, 2010

France: January 18, 2002

Today wasn't too remarkable. But, that's alright because if everyday were remarkable how would you be able to tell? Deep...very deep, ha! :-) Anyway, the maids were here this morning so I got up early (around 8:30 a.m.) so that they could sweep my floor and change my bed sheets. I went to the university to the International Office to check my e-mail today (kinda hoping I'd run into someone I know who would like to hang out with me). I noticed something about myself; I don't really like seeking people out to hang out with them. I'd much rather them call or invite me than vice versa. Oh well. I might have to get out of that habit here because mostly everyone else here has a cell phone whereas I do not. And, as far as I know, the other apartment doesn't have a permanent phone at all. I'm not going to Paris with Dominique tomorrow because he has to work. I did pick up the train schedule for Paris to Amiens/Amiens to Paris today at the train station. That's alright...I'll find another time to go. Plus, that means I can pick up my photos tomorrow at noon. Yay!! :-) I've been invited to a party which starts tonight at 10:00. We have to bring our own beer or alcohol. I have no clue what to pick up. Dominique says I should take wine but I think that's too "upper-class" for this sort of party which really calls for beer or liquor. I'm really surprised though that they're having a party tonight considering that a good  many of them are going on that ski trip Tara's going on which leaves at 3 a.m. tomorrow! Nuts!! I'm debating on whether I should even go...I mean...what's the point? I don't know. I'd much rather go see a movie or something like that. I really miss watching movies because we just have stupid basic channels here and with the exception of seeing "La Vie Est Belle" (Life is Beautiful) on TV there's nothing really good on. For goodness sake, I've been watching re-runs of Baywatch and Melrose Place in the afternoon here! Sad! LOL :-) On another note, I really do want to find a church to attend here in Amiens. Maybe I'll go look for the Protestant Church tomorrow and locate it for Sunday. And, believe it or not, I still need to find the local laundromat. I know there's one near where Tara lives but that's a little ridiculous for me to go over there to wash my clothes when there's a local one, ya know?! Oh, Monna took me to talk to Penny at Sup de Co campus to see about taking classes there. She said I can meet with her on Tuesday morning. And, today at the International Office, Therese had me fill out my application for testing my level of French. Tests, I think, are coming up next week. That reminds me that I should e-mail Lyn Hepfl, the Clarion University International Office Director, to update her on what's happening with me.

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