Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What my 15-year High School Reunion Taught Me

Yep, that's me in the back row, far left (long dark brown hair)! :)
It's been 15 years since I graduated high school.

I would like to say I've learned a lot since then (I have).

Here are a few things I learned by going to my 15-year high school reunion:

1. Some things and people don't change...and, as Martha Stewart would say, "That's a good thing!". No matter how long it's been since you've seen your "old" friends you can ALWAYS pick back up where you left off as if no time has gone by! It was so nice to see my old high school friends and find out the paths their lives have taken thus far. I hope to continue the "updates" beyond just seeing statuses on Facebook, however I realize that's easier said than done since I live about an hour away.

2. Some things and people do change. It saddens me to think of the couple of classmates we lost over the years. However, I found out that other classes fared much worse than ours {not that that's any consolation}.

But, not all changes are sad. It was wonderful to see my classmates with their adorable children running around. {My hubby and I decided it was best for our sanity to not bring ours on such a long trip later in the evening since our older son, Evan, likes to ask every 5 minutes which town we're in along the way! LOL!}

3. Creativity is encouraged in venue selection. Who says you can't jam to old school {Vanilla Ice anyone?!} under fluorescent lighting and brown wood paneling as deer heads hang on the walls of the local sportsman's club? Yeah...I said it! {sorry...I had to call this one out...} Seriously, though, at the 20-year reunion I'm hoping the 50/50 raffle money and the "attendance" money can at least upgrade us past this point! ;) Yes, I know...baby steps, baby steps. It took a lot to move on from the local park from the last couple of reunions!

4. Potluck "catering" is ALWAYS a viable option! Because obviously everyone still lives within the "city" {and I DO use that term very lightly} limits, right?! Right?! Um...yeah...

5. Penn Hills {where I live} is considered a "nice" area, apparently. Yeah...back in the 70's...maybe...Time to get out of B-Town a little bit folks! ;) Or, at least tune into the news. Although, I do have to give PH some props here. We're trying to clean up our image!

6. Cliques never die. They just grow older. {'Nuff said...}

7. Stay true to yourself. Each and every person has made a contribution to the good old days at BHS. And, without those great individual personalities what would we have to talk about? {After all...we DO come from a small town!} :P

In all seriousness, though, I had a blast. I look forward to the 20-year reunion when we will be approaching middle age and most of our kids will be approaching middle school (ah!!!).

Okay, okay...let's not rush these things...

A special thanks to our class officers and newly elected officer (*ahem*...Stan...) and everyone else who helped put this fancy shindig together!

We could have our reunion in a shack in the woods and you would make it fun!

P.S. That IS NOT my endorsement for the next venue location...   :)

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