Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank you Westminster Dog Show Commercial

...for giving Evan the idea that he wants a puppy.

Yes, Evan actually asked for one.
I told him that maybe we could talk about getting one after we get our new house.
Of course, we don't know when that will be, that buys us some time for him to forget! LOL!! ;)

I was supposed to have a Mary Kay party today, but it was rescheduled yesterday to next weekend.
So, instead, I just chilled with my family at home today. It was refreshing to not have anything to do or run around all day. I honestly cannot remember the last time I got to just sit and watch a movie on TV like I did today. I watched "Sex & The City" the movie. I'm not a big Sarah Jessica Parker fan (AT ALL), but I have to admit that I did get caught up in all of the materialistic glam of it all! ;) A little escapism doesn't hurt, right?

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