Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slow Metabolism

With a little over a month away from my 32nd birthday, I feel like my metabolism has drastically slowed down. It's much harder to shed the pounds now, especially after having two kids.

But, I must perservere.

45 minutes on the elliptical tonight.

It felt good. I purposely let the sweat drip down my face to feel like I was really getting a tough workout. I stuck to the heart rate prescribed by the machine. Slowing down when it indicated I was going too fast for my target heart rate.

I have a food and exercise journal I haven't used, yet. I'll start that tomorrow. It will keep me accountable. Accountability is a good thing for me. Weight Watchers worked for me I think mainly because of the accountability it offered. Once I went off of WW, I started getting lax, again, with portions (my true downfall).

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