Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1 Down...Only 54 More To Go!

I am on the weightloss bandwagon, again. But, this time I'm going semi-solo.

By semi-solo, I mean I'm not paying into a program, like Weight Watchers, this time. However, I will be relying on the education and materials gained from being a previous participant in such program.

With the help of this blog and its readers, I hope to remain accountable through this process.

Here's the deal...

You all know that I'm married. I have two adorable boys. My husband and boys deserve a wife and mother to be around for a long time. Some things I can control in that area and others I can't. Why not try to control the things I can? (Insert Serenity Prayer here.)

So, I'm giving it to you straight.

My weight is out of control (again). I know a lot of it has to do with emotional eating and lack of exercise (deadly combo, indeed). My portion sizes could use a major overhaul (again). And, I could drink A LOT more water (and reduce A LOT of pop drinking...soda to those of you not in the Pittsburgh area).

Why am I re-committing to weight loss, again?

The scale scared me...again.

195 pounds!!! 5 pounds away from 200?!? Is that possible?!

To get to my target weight goal of 140 pounds (a healthy weight based on my height & body type). I need to lose 55 pounds.

I joined my local Bally's Total Fitness gym. I've mainly been focusing on cardio for now (treadmill & elliptical).

And, I'm happy to report that I've lost 1 pound so far! Yay! Celebrating victories (no matter how small) is good. I'm now at 194.

On the food side, I'm gradually re-introducing myself to more fruits & veggies. I do love them. But, for some reason, when I'm not "paying attention" they tend to disappear from my diet.

Why broadcast my weight on a public blog linked to my Facebook?

Because I need accountability. I need my friends and family (and even complete strangers if they care) to realize how important this decision is to me to get healthy. This is not just to "look sexy" for a bathing suit type of weightloss. This is to lose weight so that I can make it to at least my 60th birthday type of weightloss. (Heart disease, obesity and diabetes run in my family.)

My husband does help, obviously. What kind of runner would he be if he didn't? His discipline astounds me.

But, sometimes you need your friends to give you that "swift kick" in the behind...so to speak. Or to give you that "atta girl". So, any helpful hints, comments on this blog or Facebook or otherwise are greatly encouraged!

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