Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saving Money?

It's tough economic times out there right now (understatement, right?!?).

There are several ways you can save money or line your pockets with more. Some of the obvious ones are holding a yard sale by turning your "trash" into cash, turning a hobby into a money-making side-line business or cutting back on cable.

But, one of the most overlooked areas on saving money is right under your nose: Your House. That's right. You can actually save money with your house. How is that (you may ask)? By refinancing. Many of the "financial gurus" out there say that if you can save at least a couple of percentage points on your mortgage interest rate by refinancing you should consider it. It could save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and put that much needed money back into your pocket right now during these hard economic times. (Who could use a little extra right about now, right?)

If you're considering refinancing, check out http://www.mortgagerefinancerates.org/ to see what kind of rate you could get. You can thank me later!

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