Thursday, October 27, 2011

Italian Meatloaf Recipe

Ok. You asked for it. (Well, actually, one of my Facebook friends - Jen - asked for it, but you have to read it, too.) ;-)

Tonight we had a scrumptious meatloaf dinner. We always use our "go-to" Italian Meatloaf recipe.
I've posted it below for you along with a photo of my half-eaten masterpiece.

Use the original recipe from the website link below:

Just a couple of notes: The recipe calls for mushrooms. I don't use them in our recipe, but by all means experiment away! ;-) Also, I cut out the bacon (overkill). And, I substitute all of the spices for "Italian Seasoning" (covers all your bases).

Evan was refusing to eat dinner tonight because he THOUGHT he did not like meatloaf. Well, I pulled the 'ole "Green-Eggs-And-Ham" bit on him and IT WORKED!!! He ate it & LOVED it. (Not just "liked" it in the Facebook-sense of the

This meatloaf goes well with mashed potatoes, stuffing & green beans, which, incidentally, is what we had for dinner tonight. Yum!

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