Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nanny's Tales: The Dragon and the Unicorn

Evan truly enjoyed this book. After completing reading it the second night, he requested that I read over again immediately. To me, that's the sign of a great book. The characters in this book lend themselves easily for parents and grandparents alike to create their own "voices"-- including a dragon, mice and a sorcerer, among others. 

Nanny's Tales: The Dragon and the Unicorn was written by one of my co-workers...ok...LONG DISTANCE co-workers (out of the Dallas office!), Katherine Coppinger. This is her first book. It's a story she created for her grandchildren when they were little. How wonderful is it that she was able to turn her grandchildren's story into a real book?! And, I'm sure she has more stories where that came from (thus...Nanny's Tales...with an "s"). If her first book is any indication, this is just the beginning of a wonderful career in children's literature!

Kathy even signed the inside cover of this book for me as follows: "To Evan & Tyler, Evan please read this fun book to your brother Tyler. Your Mom wanted to have it, isn't she great. I hope it makes you laugh out loud! Look out for DRAGONS!! Katherine Coppinger 'Nanny' January 20, 2011".

If you want a copy (or a few) of this book, it's currently selling on Feel free to click on the link in this blog post to get to buy the book directly!!

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